Hydroponic Growing For Beginners

A hydroponic growing system is a controlled environment that provides plants with adequate nutrients, light, and oxygen. In place of soil and the possibility of encountering weed growth and destructive insects, a hydroponic growing system requires no soil and threats to young or mature plants will be kept to a minimum. How A System Works Traditional planting that relies upon soil and water requires the cultivation of land, an irrigation method, and occasional pest treatment measures and weed removal strategies. [Read More]

Add A Source Of Shade With These Tractor Parts

While many people own and operate tractors with cabs that are fully enclosed, this isn't the reality for everyone. If your tractor has an open design, you're well aware of the challenges of working on a hot, sunny day. When you're on your tractor in a field, there may be no source of shade in the vicinity — which is something that can make you hot and tired in just a short amount of time. [Read More]

Compact Tractor Buying Basics

If you only own a small acreage as opposed to a farm, a tractor may seem like overkill. Although most people are only familiar with large farm-scale tractors, there are much smaller compact tractors that are sized perfectly for smaller properties. These compact tractors are larger than a riding lawn mower but are still small enough to maneuver easily. Common Uses You may not have large fields to turn over, but there are plenty of chores that a tractor can help with on a small acreage. [Read More]

6 Mistakes To Avoid When You're Buying Timber

When you're working on a construction project that requires a large supply of timber, sometimes knowing where and how to source your timber is one of the most challenging aspects of the project. You need to avoid the following six mistakes when you're buying timber to make sure your timber supply is high-quality and appropriately priced for your needs.  1. Being unaware of the difference between softwoods and hardwoods One of the most important distinctions to understand when it comes to sourcing timber is the difference between hardwoods and softwoods. [Read More]